We hope you get to meet all of our staff and ministry leaders. Fellowship Greenwood functions like one big happy family because we enjoy working together and are unified in mission. Be assured we are all looking forward to meeting you.

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Fellowship Greenwood is located in Greenwood, Missouri on MO-Hwy 150, just east of MO-Hwy 291. We’ve provided a map so it’s easy for you to find us when you join us for a worship service.

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We agree with the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. “What is that?” you ask. It’s a statement, with scriptures to back it up, about important things like what we believe about The Scriptures, God, Man, Salvation, Grace, The Church and other topics of the faith.

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Fellowship Greenwood was the first campus expansion of Lenexa Baptist Church. God opened the door for LBC to revitalize First Baptist Church of Greenwood, MO. After being in decline for several years this 175-year-old church is now a vibrant growing church.

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8:00amWorship & Sunday School

9:30amWorship & Sunday School

11:00amWorship & Sunday School


6:30pmNursery, Awana, Youth, Adult Bible Studies


We are located on MO-Hyw 150 in Greenwood, MO just east of MO-Hyw 291. Directions to us.





Thank you for checking us out online!  I pray you get many of your questions answered and get a sense of who we are.

The mission of Our Church is “Love God and Love our Neighbors.” This works on two levels; we want you to be able to meet and experience God and continue to grow with Him, and we also want you to meet, experience, and grow in relationships with the awesome people of The Fellowship.

There are four distinctive traits that describe us at Fellowship Greenwood.

The first, is that we are for the family.  We have created a path of discipleship that sets the church and home on the same path with the same goal, raising kids that know, love and serve Christ for their entire lives.  Along this path we will partner, equip and inspire parents to accomplish the biblical mandate given to us in Deuteronomy 6.  We also know that strong marriages build strong families and our plan would be incomplete without our married people ministry.  This ministry engages marriages to be all they can be through tools, conferences, events and Bible studies.

The second, is that we are all in when it comes to outreach.  We are hard at work outside our four walls.  For example, we send dozens of men and women on mission across our country and world.  Yet, we are hard at work at home through partnerships locally.

The third, we are about discipleship.  As part of our strategic effort to raise excited disciples in our children and youth ministries, we realize the quality of disciples we make is directly correlated to the quality of disciples we are.  With this in mind we walk our adults through a three fold process that we have created.

Fourth, we are about God’s Word.  Everything we do is based on the Word.  That is why we have designed our worship services to be focused on scripture.  We have energetic Bible based worship and contextual expository preaching.

 If you have any questions or would like to talk more, please let us know. I am thrilled to have you stop by or visit us online. I pray you join us for worship this Sunday.

–Pastor Chris, Senior Pastor