Great Commission Initiative

How exactly can I fulfill the Great Commission in my family, in my neighborhood and in my sphere of influence? What can we do collectively as a local body to see this biblical mandate come to fruition? After much prayer, research, and the results of many meetings with godly advisors, we are convinced of our next steps.

New 8:00AM Service

We fulfill the Great Commission by PROCLAIMING God’s Word. To ensure that we have the space needed, beginning Easter Sunday, we will be adding an additional service.

Evangelism & Discipleship Center for the Family

We fulfill the Great Commission by EQUIPPING families and children to know, love and serve Jesus for their entire life. We are nearing capacity in our current children’s space.  According to a study conducted by Mantel Teeter, will be completely out of room in the next 6-12 months.

Church Revitalization

We fulfill the Great Commission by RESTORING life to existing churches in need of help, paying forward what has been done for us.

Touching Poverty

We fulfill the Great Commission by ESTABLISHING partnerships with villages in third world countries to touch poverty, educate children, make and disciple believers, and increase the quality of living for the sake of the gospel.


Have questions, or want to explore more about the Great Commission Initiative? Take a few minutes to look through the guide below.