Faith at Home

Fellowship Greenwood is for the family so we have created a path of discipleship, that we call WayPoint, that sets the church and home on the same path with the same goal, raising kids that know, love and serve Christ for their entire lives. Along this path we will partner, equip and inspire parents to accomplish the biblical mandate given to us in Deuteronomy 6. We believe the church and family should work together to raise the next generation of Christians. We see discipleship as a two sided coin:  church and family. We believe God designed parents to be uniquely perfect, primary faith trainers of their children.

We also know that strong marriages build strong families and our plan would be incomplete without our married people ministry. This ministry engages marriages to be all they can be though tools, conferences, events and Bible studies. Each of these are based around our Common Four; Love God first, have serious fun, practice your promise, and respect and love.